Cannes 2023: 9 Indian Dishes By Chef Prateek Sadhu Served At Cannes Inaugural Dinner

9 Indian Dishes Were Served At The Inaugural Dinner Of The Festival

Indian Dishes Were Served At The Inaugural Dinner Hosted By The Ministry Of Information And Broadcasting

The Dish Comes From The Coastal Regions Of Maharashtra

Potato Koshimbir Is A Typical South Indian Salad Made From Boiled Potatoes And Mustard Seeds

Bengali Sandesh Is Made With Milk Sugar And Paneer

Chikki Is A Sweet Snack Made With Roasted Peanuts And Cardamom

Mysore Pak Is A Sweet Dish Made With Gram Flour Gee Sugar And Cardamom

Kashmiri Kahwa Is A Hot Beverage From Kashmir That Is Made With Water Kerchief Nuts Cinnamon And Cloves

One Of The Finest Indian Coffees Has Natural Beans Of Arabica And Robusta

This One Will Include Cooked Millets As Well

Pulao Is A Healthy Main Course Dish Made With Foxtail Millet And Mint Leaves

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