Top 10 Countries With Most Tea Drinkers

Statista Consumer Insights Conducted A Survey To Find Out Which Country Has The Most Tea Drinkers

39 Of People In Spain Drink Tea

According To The Survey 45 Of The People In China Are Regular Tea Consumers

Around Half Of The People In The United States Were Found To Be Regular Tea Consumers

More Than Half Of Germans Are Regular Tea Consumers

Britain Claims To Be The Modernday Tea Disseminator Boasting Of 59 Of Regular Tea Drinkers

Irish People Love Their Tea As Much As They Love Their Coffee

More Than 70 Of People In India Consume Tea

80 Of The People In Vietnam Are Regular Tea Consumers

Pakistan Andkenya Are Tied For The Second Spot

Out Of 10 People In Turkey 9 Were Found To Be Regular Tea Consumers

There Are Countries With The Largest Number Of Refugees